Terms & Conditions



In these conditions, iSafe Homes Ltd is referred to as “the Company” and the person signing the Contract is referred to as “the Customer”.

1. All the terms of the contract between the Customer and the Company are contained in the document and specifications (if any) provided to the Customer. The Company intends to rely upon the written terms set out here. If you require any changes, please make sure you ask for these to be put in writing. In that way, we can avoid any problems surrounding what the Company and you the Customer are expected to do.

2. The Company, having discussed with the Customer the requirements for the installation of the heating products as listed on the quotation form, may need to carry out a survey to take detailed measurements and/or specifications and any contract is subject to the surveyor’s report and findings. The Company reserves the right to decline the work detailed on the Contract should its surveyor(s) think fit to do so. For example, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company such as delays from merchants, failing risk assessments and safety concerns. Should this action become necessary, the liability of the Company in these circumstances is limited to the refund of any deposit paid by the Customer and these sums will be returned immediately.

Any changes in materials and/or specifications from those detailed in the schedule on the quotation provided will only apply when supported by the company’s amendment forms which must be signed by both parties – i.e., “the Company” and “the Customer”.

3. Delivery/installation timescales are approximate and shall be deemed to commence with effect from the settlement of all details of the order and receipt of payment of 50% deposit two working days before installation for materials and receipt of signed terms and conditions, where applicable and are made subject to fires, strikes or lockouts and any other cause beyond the control of the Company interfering with its execution or completion of the Contract. Time shall not be deemed to be the essence of the Contract.

4. We will carry out the work during normal working hours Monday to Saturday but may on occasion need to use a reasonable amount of overtime to achieve completion. It is a condition of this contract that your approval for such overtime is granted although we will endeavour to minimise any disruption or inconvenience.

Should any overtime or unsocial working hours be specifically requested by you, other than any special arrangement charged for and agreed on the sales order form, it may be necessary for us to add extra costs, and these will be explained and agreed at that time and before the overtime or unsocial working hours commencing. We will need access to the relative property at all reasonable times whilst the work is being executed and would expect free use of water, electricity, and gas to enable us to complete the work under this Contract.