💥Why should you get a boiler replacement? 💥

Why should you get a boiler replacement?

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Ofgem’s price cap increase in April meant that the cost of energy has gone up by 54% in the UK. 😱

With the recent increase in October, it means the average household’s energy spend is up to a staggering £3,549 per year‼️

One of the most effective ways to combat these costs is by investing in an efficient heating system. Modern boilers come with minimum efficiency rates of 92%, thanks to condensing technology.

This means that any heat usually lost in waste gasses from combustion can be recovered and converted into usable energy.♻️

With 92% efficiency, only 8% of the fuel used is wasted, as opposed to losses of up to 30%, or more, if you’re relying on an inefficient boiler.

If it seems your bills are on the up with no explanation, then it probably means that your boiler is outdated and is not running as efficiently as it could be. 📉

You can easily tell if your boiler needs an upgrade by checking its energy-efficiency label.🧐 If it is rated G then it’s an older model (new boilers are rated between A-D). If you have had
your boiler for around 10 years, it’s likely the efficiency has also dropped over time.

A G-rating means that your boiler has an energy efficiency of 70% or less. Whereas, modern A-rated models have up to 90% energy efficiency. A-rated boilers could save you up to
£840* a year, compared to G-rated boilers.📈🏠

Book your free survey in to see how we can save you on your energy bills.👍

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